I am a Civil Engineering Ph.D. Candidate at NC State University with a concentration in Computing and Systems. I received a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from NC State University in 2018. During my undergraduate career, I was able to work with Dr. Sankar Arumugam on the development of a graphical user interface to complement a multi-objective resource allocation reservoir system model. My graduate research is focused on applying computational methods in the climate-water-energy field. More specifically, I am interested in developing optimization models that connect climate-driven hydrological forecasts with energy allocation decisions. Currently, I am working on using statistical and machine learning methods to develop generalized release prediction models that can be broadly applied to reservoirs across the U.S. In general, my interests are as follows:

Research Interests:

  • Climate impacts on civil infrastructure
  • Sustainable water resources management
  • Relationships between electricity generation networks and reservoir networks
  • Statistical and machine learning methods
  • High performance/supercomputing
  • Open-source software for science and computing